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Rural Hospital CEO: Biggest Coronavirus Fear Is Getting Staff Infected
By: CoverMe Team,
If you are a healthcare provider facing COVID19 staffing shortages in patient access, rev cycle, financial counseling – CoverMe will help you FREE of charge. Our online platform can be used to match patients and programs, verify demographics and insurance, navigate new Medicaid support, and a lot more. We can connect your team to
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Hospitals Expected to Take a Hit
By: CoverMe Team,
A recent study has found that 12 pieces of legislation and regulatory changes are estimated to decrease federal hospital reimbursement from 2010-2029. Twelve legislative acts, as well as regulatory changes from CMS, are estimated to reduce federal hospital reimbursement by $252.6 billion by 2029, a new report from the health economics consulting firm Dobson
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Patients Struggle with Past Due Bills
By: CoverMe Team,
Hospitals are turning out to be some of America’s toughest debt collectors, many are going as far as suing their patients and many are their own employees. We understand that in reality it’s just business. Hospitals need their overhead covered to stay open and patients have healthcare needs that are often unexpected. No one prepares ahead of time for an emergency hospital visit.
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Uncompensated Healthcare
By: CoverMe Team,
Since 2000, hospitals of all types have provided more than $620 billion in uncompensated care to their patients. Each year, the American Hospital Association (AHA) publishes aggregate information on the level of uncompensated care – care provided for which no payment is received – delivered by all types of U.S. hospitals.
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Improving the Relationship with Patients
By: CoverMe Team,
When it comes to the sensitive topic of health insurance and whether you have any out of pocket expenses, patients want to be treated equally with respect regardless of their lack of healthcare coverage. Some are not insured at all and will avoid going to the hospital altogether, resulting in long term health issues that can be even more financially crippling for them and the hospital involved.
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Many Americans Have Access to Coverage
By: CoverMe Team,
Those that have chosen to be self-insured through the Affordable Care Act have chosen plans that fit within their budget. Unfortunately, millions are enrolled in skimpy health plans that often keep them from seeking care altogether, according to a new report from The Commonwealth Fund. Researchers estimate that in 2018, 45 percent of working-age adults, or 87 million people,
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