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About Us

Get to know about CoverMe's journey to offer exceptional support for patients and healthcare providers alike.
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Finding Coverage and Support is What We Do

CoverMe was created by caregivers from diverse professional backgrounds. On our team, we have professionals who’ve worked in leading government health agencies, software experts who’ve created customized software for government and healthcare use, hospital executives who oversee revenue cycle management across large healthcare systems, and former front line hospital workers who understand what it means to work with patients.

Among this diversity, one common aspect unites us all: Care and concern for the patients who lack the healthcare coverage and support they need. Our united thought process resulted in the creation of CoverMe in an effective turnkey marketplace.

Whether it’s bridging a coverage gap, finding charity options, enrolling in discount programs, or connecting with community resources, CoverMe’s integrated marketplace solution meets patients where they’re at and helps get them where they need to be.

Our Vision

To empower hospitals with the right tools to support their health systems in navigating an increasingly complex coverage environment. We aim to help both providers and patients address challenges like rising uncompensated care, self-pay/PTR, HDHPs, and an increasingly consumer-driven healthcare reimbursement environment.

Our Mission

We are committed to providing adaptable, responsible, and innovative partnerships for our clients. Our objective is to provide our clients with inventive yet practical technology solutions targeted at connecting patients with coverage. Whether it’s financial or social support they’re looking for, CoverMe’s Marketplace can help connect them.

Our Values

We at CoverMe bear corporate responsibility to our company, clients, and community. Every single day, we endeavor to remember that:

  • In our own ways, almost all of us will face the healthcare coverage challenges CoverMe works to solve.
  • Our clients deserve our best efforts, the first time, every time.
  • Every member of our team deserves respect and opportunity for growth
  • Employees should always join in, enjoy and share our success.
  • We are in the business of helping people.

Our Values

We at CoverMe bear corporate responsibility to our company, clients, and community. Every single day, we endeavor to:
  • Render professional, timely, and efficient service to our clients.
  • Treat our workforce with the utmost professional respect
  • Allow our employees to enjoy the fruits of our success
  • Believe in the philosophy that our customers are professionals trying to profit from all opportunities.
  • Earn a reputation as the most trustworthy, reliable employer in the community.

Meet Team CoverMe

Smiling faces of Team CoverMe captured during a virtual meeting

Team CoverMe is a close-knit group of individuals with decades of in-depth experience developing healthcare finance, eligibility, and enrollment software. We have experts with extensive knowledge of creating and implementing tech solutions for private and government healthcare markets.

CoverMe is powered by an Advisory Board with over a hundred years of combined leadership in some of the country's most outstanding hospital systems. Our team comprises 17-20 members from various geographical locations.


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