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No Stone Left Unturned In Exploring Patient Eligibility Options.

Our intimate knowledge of the intricacies involved in healthcare has driven the creation of our solution services.
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CoverMe Acute Marketplace

Connect Your Patients With Possibilities

Provide your patients with access to a platform of accessible, pre-approved financing and coverage options. Offering a fast practical method to confirm patient coverage, validate critical data and determine options. An automated solution that provides real-time verification, financial investigation and prefilled applications with less time and manpower.

Imagine a reality with eligibility options confirmed within minutes of admission.

Imagine a reality where admission decisions can be made with hard data not guesswork.

CoverMe Post-Acute Benefit Check

De-risk Your Long Term Care Referrals

Leverage quick and accurate eligibility checks using our customized financial and demographic assessment tools. Leveling the playing field by integrating with the same resources as state programs. Streamlining the admission process with instant benefit checks, risk assessment and autofilled applications.
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CoverMe Proprietary Scoring Engine

Scans through private and public data sources to enrich your case files.
Understands case risks and reduces write offs.
Confirms existing coverage and determines alternate payor solutions.
Verifies identity, residency, citizenship, income and assets.
Collects Patient Information.
Handles Patient Admission Interviews.
Inputs Resident Information Into The CoverMe Software.
Reduces The Burden Of Your Intake Staff.

The CoverMe Experience

Harnessing the capability of our smart technology framework, CoverMe delivers AI-driven solutions that streamline your admissions, reduce manual efforts, and accelerate your decision-making process


Use the CoverMe marketplace to begin your case with a detailed short screening.


Supplement your case with information offered by top third-party data providers.


Assess every single detail using the eligibility requirements of available programs.


Provide auto-filled applications and real-time recommendations.


Take advantage of data-driven, quick, and effective decisions.


How can CoverMe Marketplace help with patient payments for those with a low propensity to pay?

CoverMe performs a complete, instantaneous eligibility verification and patient risk assessment during patient registration. It helps identify and assess a patient’s propensity to pay and matches them to suitable financial assistance or charity programs.

What about the uninsured or underinsured patients? How can we recover these payments?
CoverMe helps democratize access to healthcare coverage options. Uninsured and underinsured patients are not aware of all they might be eligible for. CoverMe’s integrated marketplace of payer solutions identifies the right types of coverage, from the right programs, for the right patients.
We don’t have an in-house IT team. What kind of setup is needed to get started with CoverMe Marketplace?
CoverMe is a SaaS-enabled marketplace. This means all you need is a device and a stable internet connection. The secure plug-and-play platform is easy to use and requires no hardware to be installed. The entire setup can be completed in hours.
I have an independent practice. Does CoverMe help with my patient payments and eligibility verification?

CoverMe supports healthcare providers with the technology and programs they need to streamline their practice and better understand and plan for their growing self-pay population. From big hospitals and clinics to independent practitioners, we support all.

We already have an EHR system in place. Is it possible to integrate CoverMe with this?
CoverMe is a fully customizable platform. It can be easily integrated with your clinical EHR systems and other third-party tools
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