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Customized Healthcare

Combining eligibility decision support toolsets with a patient-friendly, provider-approved selection of financing alternatives and comprehensive coverage options


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CoverMe Marketplace - An Overview

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CoverMe’s customizable marketplace helps bridge the financial and social service gaps faced by both hospitals and their uninsured or underinsured patients.

Industry studies prove that if a hospital fails to determine a paying source at the point of service, the likelihood of payment drops by 90%. But, the fact is that often hospitals don't have a fast, practical way to confirm coverage and often follow a laborious manual process. Hence, it is difficult for hospital staff to efficiently capture and calculate the critical data necessary to determine eligibility options for the growing self-pay patient population.

CoverMe's automated solution gives healthcare providers and their patients real-time verification and identifies enrollment options for government, commercial, financial, and social assistance programs.

Just requires a 5-minute interview to capture critical demographic & identity information

Enables better outcomes for both patients and providers.

Helps hospitals provide patients with real-time eligibility and enrollment support

Instant augmentation of data provided through top commercial data sources to validate patient demographic information including identity, residency, citizenship, income, and assets.


How It Works

The CoverMe integrated Marketplace offers payer solutions by identifying the right coverage from the right program for the right patient; scanning through a database of programs to find optimal matches based on program criteria and patient eligibility.

Start at any point in the journey.

When coverage, financial, or social support services need to be verified, or a conversation about available options needs to be started.


Enroll Case

A case is started in the CoverMe Marketplace, and details are added to the online application.


Identify Coverage

CoverMe Marketplace identifies whether the patient is already enrolled in any insurance (coverage check) and finds coverage choices if applicable.


Verify Coverage

You can use our Marketplace's mobile verify feature to enter the patient's mobile number and send a text link. Using this, the patient can start their case and verify their coverage from the convenience of their mobile phone.


Optimize Options

We use proprietary scoring assessments to analyze the fit, risk, and reliability of blended considerations for patients, programs, and providers.


Match Patients

We help match your patients with options for all available payer and social assistance programs.

How It Benefits You

CoverMe Marketplace offers an exclusive coverage and eligibility solution for healthcare providers. We help you build a proactive, front-end revenue cycle strategy and clear critical revenue backlogs, which in turn helps patients in a cost-conscious way.

A one-stop solution with the ability to seamlessly integrate provider and patient needs in one. The providers get paid, and the patients get covered.

Enables fast-track registration, quick identification, and enrollment, all within minutes.

An AI-driven app that offers enrollment and touchless eligibility services in real-time.

Identifies coverage issues, rechecks eligibility, and connects patients to financial assistance programs and community options.

Marketplace Insights

Take a peek at our Marketplace activities! Check out our videos for more information!


How can CoverMe Marketplace help with patient payments for those with a low propensity to pay?

CoverMe performs a complete, instantaneous eligibility verification and patient risk assessment during patient registration. It helps identify and assess a patient’s propensity to pay and matches them to suitable financial assistance or charity programs.

What about the uninsured or underinsured patients? How can we recover these payments?
CoverMe helps democratize access to healthcare coverage options. Uninsured and underinsured patients are not aware of all they might be eligible for. CoverMe’s integrated marketplace of payer solutions identifies the right types of coverage, from the right programs, for the right patients.
We don’t have an in-house IT team. What kind of setup is needed to get started with CoverMe Marketplace?
CoverMe is a SaaS-enabled marketplace. This means all you need is a device and a stable internet connection. The secure plug-and-play platform is easy to use and requires no hardware to be installed. The entire setup can be completed in hours.
I have an independent practice. Does CoverMe help with my patient payments and eligibility verification?

CoverMe supports healthcare providers with the technology and programs they need to streamline their practice and better understand and plan for their growing self-pay population. From big hospitals and clinics to independent practitioners, we support all.

We already have an EHR system in place. Is it possible to integrate CoverMe with this?
CoverMe is a fully customizable platform. It can be easily integrated with your clinical EHR systems and other third-party tools
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