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Best Financial Assistance Screening Solutions

CoverMe automates your in-house Financial Assistance screening process in real-time to support those patients who are uninsured or underinsured and may not qualify for government programs.

Determining Financial Pathways

Mockup shows an image of a person in one frame with details around and a tick mark circled, and another frame with two images of customers with their details displayed around, along with a percentage and eligibility meter.

Every healthcare system has its own programs and policies to support financial assistance needs. CoverMe will streamline your financial assistance determination process by creating custom interview questions and flows to automate the processes developed to meet your patient population.

CoverMe can easily program your Financial Assistance (FA) policy into the CoverMe application to get started. We will screen each patient against FA policy parameters, notify you if the patient is recommended for the program, and autofill all the application paperwork. CoverMe will also track and archive all the documents that may be required from the patient to supplement their application.

By providing your patients with the most suitable financial pathway that includes charity care and financial assistance, we ensure that you’ll find the optimal program choice for your patients and face fewer bad debts.


Exemplary Features

CoverMe offers you a complete insight into your patient's financial condition. Our data support for income and assets, together with our proprietary scoring for program fit, risk, and reliability, will help you understand the patient's willingness and ability to meet healthcare-related financial obligations.

Financial Assistance

Offer a wider selection of patient financial programs, identify the best funding resources and increase the chance of reimbursements with CoverMe's automated financial assistance.

Patient Interview Insights

CoverMe offers the most accurate financial data to support the patient interview, adding data insights to better evaluate program eligibility.

Risk Evaluations

Assess risks before they turn to write-offs. CoverMe helps make informed recommendations, with clear consideration given to program fit, risk, and reliability.

Empathetic Counseling

Use the information CoverMe provides to connect your patients to all of the assistance programs they qualify for. You can even create customized payment plans based on the patient's payment ability or support need.

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Benefits That Await You

Streamline your eligibility and enrollment processes, clear up debts, and enhance your patient's overall experience using CoverMe's unique financial assistance and charity screening solution.
  • Identify funding sources to improve your patient's financial experience with CoverMe's automated financial assistance eligibility and enrollment solution.
  • Increase reimbursements to help patients manage their treatment-related expenses and ensure that your hospital bills are paid on time.
  • Classify patient accounts accurately based on the patient's unique financial situation to improve the self-pay collections and set an optimal payment workflow.
  • Determine presumptive charity and reduce bad debt using CoverMe's objective financial and charity assistance solutions.

Gain Insights

Ensure that your patient receives a patient experience that is as unique as the care you offer! Check out the video to gain valuable insights about our financial assistance and charity solutions.

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Learn how you can provide a financial clearance solution to offer the best-in-class patient financial experience.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for financial assistance?

Financial assistance is provided to patients who meet the guidelines stipulated for financial assistance that takes into account the estimated household income, percent of the federal poverty level, debt to income ratio, and other such factors. Healthcare providers provide free or discounted medical care to people who cannot afford payments to hospitals.
Financial assistance is provided to patients who -

  • are uninsured for the relevant service
  • are ineligible for governmental or other insurance coverage
  • meet the guidelines stipulated for financial assistance that takes into account the estimated household income, percent of federal poverty level, debt to income ratio, and other such factors.
Why should I opt for CoverMe’s financial assistance and screening solution?

The CoverMe Financial assistance and charity screening solution ensures that every patient receives a fair and consistent evaluation for financial assistance and charity programs. This helps hospitals to fulfil their community benefit missions.

How does CoverMe help screen applicants for financial assistance?

CoverMe uses patient demographic analytics from the patient accounting software as well as CoverMe’s proprietary AI program to verify and confirm patients’ ability to qualify for Medicaāid. CoverMe partners with the medical provider to build their financial assistance policy into the CoverMe platform and screen each applicant against these policies and eligibility norms.