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Reduce the Responsibility of Your Staff

Empower your team with a smart tool to handle the challenges of data collection.
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Today’s uncertain times have created a reality where employee retention and staffing is difficult. Obtaining the manpower needed to handle the overwhelming responsibility of healthcare is a true challenge. The CoverMe Complete service will work in sync with your CoverMe software to handle the headaches of data collection, eligibility checks and benefit applications. Making Accounts Receivable the part of your operations that you don’t have to think about.

The CoverMe Complete Service Instantly

Collects Patient Information.
Handles Patient Admission Interviews.
Inputs Resident Information Into The CoverMe Software.
Reduces The Burden Of Your Intake Staff.
Collects Patient Information.
Handles Patient Admission Interviews.
Inputs Resident Information Into The CoverMe Software.
Reduces The Burden Of Your Intake Staff.

Frequently Asked Questions

Improve Patient Experience
Empower your intake user and reduce your patient wait times. Learn more about CoverMe Complete.
1. How does CoverMe Complete help improve patient experience at our facility?
With CoverMe Complete, your intake user can redirect the patient to the call center; the call center can collect patient information, thus reducing the wait time and optimizing the interview time when the patient is attended at the facility.
2. How can CoverMe Complete help our hospital staff?
CoverMe Complete - our call center solution can take over the intake user responsibilities when it comes to using the CoverMe application on behalf of the facility. The solution is designed to handle all labor-intensive tasks performed by your intake or front desk staff, such as collecting patient demographic information, insurance verification, etc. Thus it reduces your staff's administrative burden so they can focus their attention on more productive tasks.
3. Are the call center services you offer compliant with medical standards?
Yes. CoverMe Complete provides clients with HIPAA-compliant call center services.
4. Is CoverMe Complete customizable?
CoverMe Complete is designed to fit anywhere in your workflow. It can also work in sync with your CoverMe software.

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