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Every patient, covered.

A customizable coverage marketplace with realtime verification and enrollment options for all available payer, financial, and social assistance programs.

Find Every Possible Form of Payment or Support

CoverMe helps bridge the financial and social service gaps faced by both hospitals and their patients.
With CoverMe, in the span of a 5-minute interview, hospitals can provide patients with real-time eligibility and enrollment support, creating better outcomes for both the patient and provider.
Our Promise: Every Patient, Covered!
Average Uncompensated Care Reduction
Self-Pay Patients Qualified For Payment Solution
Self-Pay Patients Convert To Medicaid
Productivity Increased Through Automation
Average Uncompensated Care Reduction
Self-Pay Patients Qualified For Payment Solution
Self-Pay Patients Convert To Medicaid
Productivity Increased Through Automation

A Coverage Optimization Solution

Our suite of web-based products helps hospitals eliminate eligibility data silos and dramatically reduce high levels of uncompensated care.


Empower your staff to quickly and easily identify the best coverage options for every patient, every time, with our fully customized marketplace.

More About Marketplace

Retroactive Coverage Discovery

Identify and resolve the most challenging coverage issues and uncover missed billing opportunities with CoverMe Retrocheck.

More About Coverage Discovery

Mobile Verify

Drive better patient financial responsibility by empowering them with a patient-friendly app to capture and verify identity information, select programs, and discover coverage eligibility.

More About Mobile Verify
A graphical representation showing the percentage of eligibility, along with a list of details about the patient, followed by a line chart

Easy Payment Solutions

CoverMe determines the optimum healthcare program or product combinations to meet the real-time financial needs of both patients and providers. We do it by assessing and scoring patient data through AI-driven rules and risk engines. Thus, you get to offer compassionate and personalized payment options to your patients and boost your revenue as well.

Financial Assistance

CoverMe helps you identify the patients who are at payment risk and help them by determining the best course of action for completing the payments. We also help you spot the financial assistance programs the patients can be qualified for.

Pharmaceutical Discount Programs

We provide you access to an all-inclusive database of patient assistance programs run by leading pharmaceutical companies. With the discount program, you can determine which patients are likely to pay their bills and connect them with the right financial assistance program.

Merchant/Vendor Services

With CoverMe, you can easily integrate with multiple vendors on a single-source platform. This cloud-based platform will help you integrate various vendor programs, manage the out-of-pocket expenses and offer your patients a better payment experience.

How We Do What We Do

Real-time Solutions
Using our real-time data feeds, we can enhance your intake, registration, benefit eligibility assessments, and cost estimations.
Cloud-based Environment
Our cloud-based solution allows us the flexibility to adapt to your needs quickly without disrupting your workflow.
IRS And ACA Compliance
We help you stay compliant by providing all the tools you will need to meet the IRS 501r and ACA audit standards.

Smart Platform That Delivers Smart Solutions

We listen to providers and patients. And, with their feedback in mind, we continue to add smart features to CoverMe’s growing marketplace of programs and services.
A screenshot of the CoverMe Marketplace application with a welcome note and information related to coverage, approval or denial buttons, and a data dashboard

Instant Verifications

Spot denials that happen due to mistakes in identity resolution and solve them in real-time.

Documentation Autofill and Send

Fill, print, and transmit all the forms needed to complete enrollments and comply with government program requirements.

Coverage Discovery

Quickly identify the right coverage from the best programs for each patient with enhanced eligibility workflows.

Financial Aid

Identify patients who need financial assistance, make their financial journey easier, and help them qualify for financial assistance programs.

Patient Assistance

Connect patients to a comprehensive database of patient assistance programs and retail discounts

EHR Integrations

An intuitive platform that can be easily integrated with clinical EHRs to reduce redundant entries and keep data entries consistent.

Why Choose CoverMe

End manual screening for individual programs! Scan your customized marketplace for commercial, government, financing, pharma, and community options. Get an all-in-one fast, simple screening!
  • Deliver real-time patient enrollment and applications
  • Provide a cloud-based environment for your remote workforce options
  • Offer flexibility to use your team or outsource ours
  • Reduce bad debt before collection potential declines
  • Improve patient experience and increase patient loyalty
  • Enhance ACA and IRS compliance

They Chose CoverMe & They Love It

  • Hospital Presumptive Eligibility dollars are like low-hanging fruit on a tree we just couldn’t reach. CoverMe is our stepladder.
    Lee McCall
    CEO, Neshoba County Hospital
    “By using CoverMe’s application process our organization experienced a 47% reduction in bad debt within the first calendar year.”
    Shannon Lucas
    Director of Field Accounting, PCPMG
  • “This analytical program can tease useful lessons out of floods of data in federal health and human services programs.”
    Timothy Clark
    Journalist, Government Executive Magazine

Who We Serve

CoverMe delivers real-time service solutions, scalable for all types of healthcare providers, regardless of specialty, size, or location.
Long-term Care Facilities
Custom Wellness Support Groups
Independent Practitioners
Disease Management Platforms
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