Supercharge Your Rev Cycle

Screen, analyze, track, and manage your entire self-pay population in real-time.

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Find Real-Time Coverage Solutions for Uncompensated Care

CoverMe assesses all available public and private financial assistance programs to give you point-of-service eligibility options for your self-pay, uninsured, and underinsured patients.

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Optimized Revenue Cycle

Resolve 100% of your hospital’s self-pay patient caseload and convert 20% – 40% of your self-pay population to Medicaid coverage at admission.

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Support 24/7 Screening

CoverMe's multilingual call center handles on demand eligibility screening to fill staffing gaps and support high volume or after hours needs.

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Streamlined Workflow

Dynamic Q&A, automated calculations, and auto-filled applications help hospitals minimize redundancy and maximize efficiency.

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Quick Evaluations

Fast, Accurate Point of Service Solutions

CoverMe analyzes the best options for successful self-pay patient coverage and collections outcomes, including Hospital Presumptive Eligibility, Medicaid, Financial Assistance, and High Deductible Gap Planning.

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Predictive Analytics

Reduce Risk and Cut Bad Debt

Self-pay patient populations are growing. You need a reliable coverage management tool to help keep both your patients — and your hospital — covered. CoverMe predictive analytics engines have been used to evaluate over 42,000,000 patient eligibility cases. From initial screening to tracking and follow-up, CoverMe's end to end solution helps support management success.

Turnkey Management of Self-Pay Patient Programs

CoverMe's AI-guided operation and real-time case resolution takes all the guesswork out of eligibility determinations. No more manual applications and paper chases. No more paying outside vendors high commissions for screenings you can easily do in-house. There's a better way. CoverMe has you covered.

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Dynamic Assessments

CoverMe's web-based service requires no installation or extensive onboarding process.

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100% Caseload Resolution

Our interview platform collects basic patient information and supplements it with additional data sources for real-time insights.

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Solutions in Seconds

Get a HIPAA compliant delivery of all patient determination data, along with completed documentation.

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A Word about Security and Compliance

We take security and compliance very seriously — and we know you do, too. CoverMe uses DOD-level data center security systems and is 100% compliant with all applicable state and federal laws, including HIPAA and FCRA.


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