Find Payment Solutions for Every Patient — Instantly

CoverMe maximizes your reimbursement rates. We automate payment and eligibility screening at the point of service, providing real-time delivery of the best payer sources chosen from a customizable network of public, market, and social options.

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Real Solutions in Real Time

Our web-based service instantly assesses a customizable and extensive network of government and private assistance programs, to find the best eligibility options for self-pay, uninsured, and underinsured patients.

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Optimize Your Revenue Cycle

Resolve 100% of your hospital’s underinsured patient caseload and convert 20–40% of your uninsured population to Medicaid coverage at admission.

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Consider Every Coverage Option

Assess all available assistance programs in just seconds — to find the right patient payment options.

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Streamline Your Workflow

Maximize cash flow while keeping performance metrics high with a solution that can be customized to meet your hospital's requirements and deliver the best results for your patients.

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Quick Evaluations

Fast, Accurate, and Simple

We provide much-needed clarity in a complex reimbursement environment. CoverMe's cloud-based service walks you through a quick, easy, and intuitive screening process to connect eligible patients with optimal payer sources.

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Predictive Analytics

Reduce Risk and Cut Bad Debt

Predictive analytics engines produce real-time verification of patient identity, residency, citizenship, income, and assets. Data-driven assessments help ensure optimized financial outcomes for both you and your patients.

Turnkey Management of Self-Pay Patient Programs

No more manual applications and paper chases. No more juggling a menagerie of eligibility vendors and financial assistance programs. This is the new way to work with your patients. CoverMe's AI-guided operation and real-time case resolution take all the guesswork out of eligibility determinations. Access a network of providers that is completely customizable to meet the needs of your hospital, so you can find the optimal coverage every time — all through a simple automated process.

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Solutions in Seconds

CoverMe automatically aggregates and analyzes all necessary data, uses proprietary rules and risks engines to assess program eligibilities, then auto-fills applications — all in under two seconds.

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100% Caseload Resolution

Our scoring engines have been used in 27 states to determine patient eligibility outcomes in over 43,000,000 cases.

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Easy Integration

Leveraging a micro-service architecture, we maximize data entry convenience with inputs from mobile platforms, on-site intake kiosks, EHRs, and many other sources.

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A Word about Security and Compliance

We take security and compliance very seriously — and we know you do, too. CoverMe uses DOD-level data center security systems and is 100% compliant with all applicable state and federal laws, including HIPAA and FCRA.


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