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5 Ways to Solve Uncompensated Care Issues with CoverMe
By: CoverMe Team,
One of the most significant challenges affecting hospitals across the United States is uncompensated medical care. Hospital executives nationwide are diligently working to figure out the best way to address uninsured or underinsured patients seeking healthcare services, totaling over $600 billion over the last 20 years. Bad debt can drastically impact financial viability and can […]
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Gain Insights About Real-Time Patient Eligibility Verification
By: CoverMe Team,
For a healthcare organization to work effectively, obtaining accurate patient demographic and insurance information is a vital first step! Failure to do so can lead to denials and delayed payments. In the past, medical providers relied on numerous phone calls and websites to verify patient and insurance information. And this was a very inefficient process. […]
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The Quick Win in Medicaid Expansion for Missouri Hospitals and Patients
By: CoverMe Team,
Missouri Hospitals will soon be able to provide real-time Medicaid coverage to a greatly expanded number of uninsured Missourians. Following a lengthy legal battle, the Missouri Supreme Court recently decided to uphold the state’s planned expansion of Medicaid – a year after voters approved the program. The battle was the result of the expansion’s not […]
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Health Equity in America
By: CoverMe Team,
Providers are beginning to embrace what patients have known all along - that achieving wellness requires a holistic approach. Whether it’s health maintenance or disease management, a patient’s condition can be drastically improved if there’s an overall, comprehensive program that’s tailored to holistically meet the health support needs of a patient.
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Difference between Medicare and Medicaid
By: CoverMe Team,
Medicare and Medicaid are insurance programs that are designed to benefit the people of the United States in various ways. In simple words: Medicare is a federal health insurance program for persons who are over 64 years of age, persons with renal diseases, and certain younger people with disabilities. Medicaid is for people who fall under particular low-income criteria. People above the age of 65 will be served primarily and their medical bills are paid from trust funds, whatever their income.
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Get ready for the medicaid cliff
By: CoverMe Team,
Gregg Phillips and Catherine Engelbrecht discuss the challenges and solutions that hospitals all around the country are facing.
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