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October 28, 2019

It’s Not Just the Younger Generation

CoverMe Team
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It’s Not Just the Younger Generation That Want Tech Conveniences with Their Healthcare, Boomers Want it Too.

It’s no longer enough to provide high-quality care or for providers to rely on clinical excellence. Today, patients want convenience, access to their providers outside of the office, and outstanding service in every aspect of their care.

We also want to feel that our patient records are secure and easy to access with today’s technology advances. Checking in at a hospital or doctors office should be simple without the need to fill out multiple forms time after time.

But this feeling and outlook isn’t just from the younger generations.

According to SolutionReach:

...”Fifty-eight percent of baby boomers, who consume the largest portion of healthcare services in the country, are spending three times more for personal healthcare than the average working-age person, according to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.

Across generations, including for boomers, text and online touchpoints have the greatest opportunity to improve patient satisfaction and retention, the study found. At the top of all patients’ “ideal doctor” wish lists: greater connectivity, convenience via text and online tools, and, as always, more time with their physician.

Patients desire a wide range of communications with providers, including those delivered online and via text. The standard phone call, while still useful, simply isn’t enough—this is especially true among younger generations…”

How can you improve your care to meet the demands of what patients are seeking?

CoverMe is consistently creating ways to innovate a simple technical healthcare solution that appeals to both hospitals and patients alike.

View CoverMe’s newest features:

  • Full customization, by adding any support program your hospital wants to offer to your personal marketplace.
  • Simple access to check for existing coverage, check out of pocket costs and seamlessly bridge any payment gap with instant financing options.
  • Track your patient’s history seamlessly if the case already exists. Just update with new information to see new eligibility options.
  • Autofill your patient data by simply snapping a picture of your patient’s identification, insurance card, even take a selfie and the data autofills directly to CoverMe.
  • Sometimes special notes get overlooked and there is more to the story. Now you can add it all to the case, so details are never missed.
  • Documents are now easily uploaded and can be texted, emailed or sent to CoverMe and are easily attached to the patient’s case file.

Would you like to see a live demonstration of how CoverMe can work for your healthcare facility and streamline the convenience of today’s technology?

Schedule a demonstration today with a CoverMe representative.

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