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A Unique Customizable Marketplace To Get Missouri Covered

An AI-enabled technology solution designed to assist hospitals and healthcare providers in delivering coverage options through a turnkey marketplace tailored to the patient population in Missouri.
  • Determine eligibility at point-of-service
  • Offer best-fit coverage options
  • Recommend financial assistance programs
  • Ensure you stay 100% compliant
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Missouri’s Medicaid Expansion
A Challenge, An Opportunity

As the Missouri Supreme Court upheld the planned expansion of Medicaid in the state, Missouri hospitals now have an additional coverage opportunity for approximately 275,000 low-income citizens. With the recent developments, hospitals can look forward to reducing uncompensated care and minimizing bad debts by enrolling in HPE.
However, every opportunity also presents a challenge.
On top of providing health net coverage, hospitals will be required to :
  • Manage the provisions of HPE compliance
  • Determine Medicaid eligibility at the point of service
  • Assist patients in filling up their Medicaid forms

CoverMe - Empowering Hospitals, Offering Real-Time Coverage

With CoverMe, hospitals in Missouri can now overcome the challenges of point-of-service eligibility determinations and other HPE compliance needs without a hassle. In a span of a 5-minute interview, CoverMe empowers hospitals to provide patients with real-time eligibility verifications and enrollment support, creating better outcomes for both the patient and provider.
Average Uncompensated Care Reduction
Self-Pay Patients Qualified For Payment Solution
Self-Pay Patients Convert To Medicaid
Productivity Increased Through Automation
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Easy Payment Solutions

CoverMe determines the optimum healthcare program or product combinations to meet the real-time financial needs of both patients and providers. We do it by assessing and scoring patient data through AI-driven rules and risk engines. Thus, you get to offer compassionate and personalized payment options to your patients and boost your revenue as well.

Financial Assistance

CoverMe helps you identify the patients who are at payment risk and help them by determining the best course of action for completing the payments. We also help you spot the financial assistance programs the patients can be qualified for.

Pharmaceutical Discount Programs

We provide you access to an all-inclusive database of patient assistance programs run by leading pharmaceutical companies. With the discount program, you can determine which patients are likely to pay their bills and connect them with the right financial assistance program.

Merchant/Vendor Services

With CoverMe, you can easily integrate with multiple vendors on a single-source platform. This cloud-based platform will help you integrate various vendor programs, manage the out-of-pocket expenses and offer your patients a better payment experience.

Capabilities That Deliver Results

Studies have shown that hospitals are 90% less likely to get paid when they fail to determine a paying source at the time of service. However, hospitals rarely have a fast, accurate way of confirming coverage. This is where CoverMe helps!

Offers a Holistic Solution

CoverMe guarantees HPE compliance and augments commercially sourced data to verify identity, residency, citizenship, income, and assets, and auto-fills all forms.

Simplifies Coverage Discovery

An automated platform to help you identify the optimal coverage for every patient from the best programs with improved eligibility workflows.

Enables Financial Assistance

A unique healthcare finance marketplace that allows you to identify patients who need financial assistance and connect them with suitable financial assistance programs.

Discovers Allowances & Discounts

A sophisticated system that provides patients with access to a comprehensive database of patient assistance programs and retail discounts.

Maintains Data Accuracy

An intuitive platform that can be seamlessly integrated with clinical EHRs to eliminate data redundancy and maintain consistency of information.

Powers Touchless Digital Services

An AI-Driven app that streamlines the process of quick identification, and offers touchless eligibility determinations to enable faster enrollments.

Learn all about Hospital Presumptive Eligibility Compliance in Missouri. Get our HPE fact file.

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Our Customer Stories

We have helped leading hospitals build a proactive front-end revenue cycle strategy. We can help you too!

Our Success Stories

Discover how we enabled hospitals to reduce their claim denials, minimize uncompensated care, eliminate debts and recover missed coverage opportunities.

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The Fastest Route to Superior Efficiency

With sophisticated decision support tool sets, CoverMe is just the perfect solution for hospitals in Missouri to navigate the dynamic healthcare landscape. Want to learn more about how we can help you? Schedule a consultation today!
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