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Identify Opportunities To Regain Payment

Find hard-to-reach revenue prospects from previously missed insurance coverage and maximize your healthcare reimbursement.


Millions worth of conversions in charges on self-pay accounts.



Millions of hidden billing opportunities & coverage discovered.



Self-pay patients converted to Medicaid coverage in real-time.



Self-pay patients find payment solutions that had been previously overlooked.

CoverMe Retrocheck

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Is your healthcare institution losing millions of dollars every year due to missed insurance coverage? Are you facing financial losses when patients are mistakenly classified as self-pay or when they don't have secondary health care coverage?

The solution to unearthing hidden revenue opportunities lies with CoverMe. CoverMe Retrocheck enables retrospective coverage discovery and mitigates rising deductibles. Our RetroCheck is designed to identify missed coverages and retrieve insurance payments after a simple application process. It limits collection costs associated with self-pay receivables and reduces labor requirements. Regain your retro billing opportunities with CoverMe RetroCheck!

Recapture Medicaid reimbursements without any hassles.
Limit expenses associated with self-pay receivables.
Find payer sources on 10-15% of patients with missed coverages


How Retro Check Works

The path to finding accurate healthcare coverage is riddled with insurance complexities and inaccurate patient data such as household monthly income, county of residence, etc. CoverMe RetroCheck allows health care providers to power through these murky details with ease. Our proprietary process provides seamless access to missed or omitted coverage and billing information.


Identify & fix errors

RetroCheck dives into the depths of data to find, rectify and update errors in patient demographic and insurance details that contribute to unpaid balance in your account. It also verifies the patients' self-pay status and other eligibility requirements.


Find missed opportunities

CoverMe ascertains retroactive eligibility post-treatment using patient data as support. It helps in the retroactive coverage determination and confirms the patient's eligibility.


Regain provider's payment

We help you find the exceptions and specific benefits covered, including coordination of benefits coverage (COB) for Medicare Advantage Plans and MCOs. This helps uncover the right insurance to get the claim paid.


Gain complete access

CoverMe seamlessly accesses thousands of private, state, and federal healthcare data sources. Our exclusive safety net program reviews self-pay accounts to ensure that no preferred payer source is missed.

How It Benefits You

CoverMe's Insurance Discovery is a protective safety net for you and your patients. It helps you find health insurance coverage benefits that your self-pay patients may not be aware of. CoverMe RetroCheck takes a deeper dive, reviewing self-pay accounts post-discharge and tracking all available payer sources.

Ensure a high ROI with our extensive knowledge of filing limits and retro approval periods.

Maintain a consistent retroactive period even while opting for other insurance carriers.

Prepare the grounds for Retroactive Medicaid Claims for providers and mitigate the chances of future denials.

Get all the necessary data to ensure that billing opportunities are taken care of right away.

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How does CoverMe help us uncover missed billing opportunities?

The CoverMe Retrocheck function helps healthcare providers such as hospitals, nursing facilities and other medical institutions uncover missed billing opportunities with retrospective coverage discovery. CoverMe has a safety net program to help review self-pay accounts post-discharge to ensure that an available payer source wasn't missed.

Do you have a system in place for retrospective payments?
We will identify every possible Medicaid coverage for the patient and ensure the provider is reimbursed for the medical bills. The CoverMe Retrocheck function can discover missed coverage and billing opportunities and help you recover them retrospectively.
To what extent of backdated billing opportunities can CoverMe help uncover?

CoverMe can help uncover missed coverage billing opportunities retrospectively for a time period of 90 days to 1 year in the past.

What software should we install? What does the license cost?
This is a Web-based platform. So no software will be required to be installed. Write to us to know about the pricing.
Will CoverMe become a partner with hospitals to provide professional assistance?
CoverMe can provide additional services such as call center support. Get in touch with us to discuss how we can help you.
How does CoverMe's retro check work?

CoverMe has an easy to set up and risk-free solution for retrospective eligibility checks for the entire filing period of each self-pay. It starts with healthcare providers sharing batch files via SFTP. CoverMe’s proprietary algorithm/technology then scans for retroactive coverage options for both private insurance and Medicaid. We send a detailed report of our findings of previously unknown commercial and government coverage for the identified patients to the healthcare provider. Thus, with CoverMe’s automated solution, there will be no need for medical providers to assign people resources to determine eligibility requirements.

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Reclaim Your Missed Payments

Assess your payment eligibilities and retrieve your long-forgotten reimbursements with CoverMe Retrocheck by your side!
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