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Ways to Find Best Insurance Discovery Solutions

Healthcare Insurance Discovery is finding out whether a patient with no insurance particulars has coverage. Self-pay patients have propelled the collections for hospital and healthcare providers to a greater extent with rising deductibles. As a part of the registration process, it is mandatory to check if self-pay patients have third-party coverage. Healthcare providers get reimbursed faster when the identifying process to determine the third-party payments is integrated and automated. Preventing insurance denials or negative margins is possible by creating a consistent revenue cycle management process. However, the basic key to avoiding denials is understanding the right insurance coverage discovery solution for a patient. This article offers in-depth knowledge on finding the best insurance discovery solution in the USA.

What to Expect From a Healthcare Insurance Solution?

Patients are recorded with missing insurance, either totally or partially, in the US hospital database. Determining the unknown details about these patients’ insurance will be beneficial, whereas the financial exposure will pose a risk. The outcomes of an effective insurance coverage discovery solution should be able to:

  • Locate direct payer connections
  • Identify percent of patients with unknown insurance coverage
  • Compare the ROI of providers with the small and large facilities
  • Gain knowledge of payer’s retro-approval periods and timely filings
  • Include per-transaction fees and contingency

How to Identify the Best Insurance Discovery Solution?

Vendors offering insurance discovery solutions differ from one firm to another and render different products in the US market. It is necessary to analyse and identify the most effective and easiest to use insurance coverage discovery solution. While unearthing the best insurance type, you have to consider the one which suits your needs and budget at the same time. Let us learn how to ace the process of identifying the right insurance.

Revenue Cycle Management Experience

The revenue cycle process plays a major role in US hospitals and clinics. It rolls from the registration process to back-office systems. A company has to make insurance discovery workflow effective for the staff. There are a few questions to ask the insurance service providers to find out which one provides the best features.

  1. Do they limit transactions?
  2. Do they have experience with early-out conversions?
  3. How long has their software rendered service to determine the insurance coverage discovery solution?
  4. Can they process the primary and secondary self-pay accounts?
  5. Do they have a list of comprehensive payers?

Methods to Capture More Revenue With Best Insurance Solutions

An insurance coverage discovery solution must maximize reimbursements from unpaid accounts and uncompensated care to the healthcare industry. The best solutions to capture more revenue with an insurance solution are:

Exploring all avenues from third-party payers to identify hard-to-find coverage.
Incorporating methodologies to meet insurance discovery needs
Involvement of multiple government and commercial payers.

You can also find answers to the questions below to make a perfect choice.

  1. Is there a flat monthly subscription model for budgeting reliability?
  2. Does the subscription include commercial and USA government payers, unlimited eligibility transactions, and no payer caps?
  3. What is the impact of price-per-transaction arrangements, contingency fees, and flat monthly subscriptions on the self-pay population?

Learn How to Implement Insurance Discovery Solutions

A coverage discovery solution provider always works with software to identify coverage. Implementing the same in hospitals in the USA will become time-consuming and difficult. Thus, there is a need for a solution that integrates the patient management system with every practice, irrespective of the firm’s size.

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Enabling Discovery Checks Against Multiple Payers

Covering insurance is a complex process and keeps changing from time to time. It includes:

  • Plan details
  • Coverage procedures
  • Personal situations of the patient

Therefore, every firm in the USA must run insurance discovery pre-service, registration, and post-service. Pre-service insurance discovery checks are crucial as they are the critical point for scheduling and enable staff to determine whether the applicant requires authorization. When providers follow the pre-service procedure, they save a significant amount on denials.

A good insurance coverage discovery solution must always request pre-authorization instead of automatically finding insurance coverage. An effective insurance discovery verifies a wide range of payers. When no coverage is discovered, subsequent checks must be done, as coverage is liable to change constantly. The insurance provider must run the discovery at:

  • Time of scheduling
  • Pre-registration
  • Registration
  • Post-discharge (before bill drop and after two weeks)

What to Expect From Insurance Discovery Solutions?

Before analysing the insurance coverage discovery solution, it is best to know the possible results and outcomes from the solution provider. You may want to know about:

  1. On average, what percentage of patients in the USA are identified with unknown insurance coverage?
  2. How does the result comparison happen between a large and small facility?
  3. Do vendors consider contingency and per-transaction fees while comparing ROI?
  4. To what aspect do the vendors allocate their success?
  5. What does the roadmap of the product look like?

Some vendors in the USA charge for every transaction. This means the patient will be charged when the discovery checks happens during scheduling, pre-registration, registration, and paying the three separate fees. Pricing is based on the contingency fees and initiated after discharge. The vendors receive payments from the ‘found’ payers for the reimbursements, leading to a conflict of interest. There are possibilities for contingency-based vendors for finding the same insurance with the basic transaction details before the bill date. At the same time, the charges maybe fixed with every patient encounter. This type of pricing works wonders enabling the insurance coverage discovery solution to happen only at the front end. The pricing accelerates cash flow, eliminates rework, and reduces third-party costs without going to post-discharge.

The Bottom-line

CoverMe is the best front end RCM solution provider for identifying the best insurance discovery solution. An insurance coverage discovery solution in the health system must find additional payment opportunities for complex cases, potential coordination of benefits, and coverage on all accounts. A good insurance discovery solution will be able to convert the uncompensated care accounts from the database of every US hospital.

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