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Coverage Discovery Solutions

Zero in on unidentified coverage possibilities and maximize your reimbursements with CoverMe’s Coverage Discovery.

Discover The Hidden Coverage

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With CoverMe, discovering all coverage possibilities is simple, quick, and seamless. Our coverage discovery solution digs deep to explore all possible avenues and find hard-to-find coverage options from third-party payers.

Our Coverage Discovery solutions are tailored to fit any insurance discovery need, including complex cases that involve multiple commercial and governmental payers.


Best-In-Class Features

Our coverage discovery solutions filter information and find forgotten coverage.

AI-Driven Technology

Uncover and assess patient coverage benefits, check the coverage on every single account to find additional payment opportunities for complex cases.

Proactive Identification

Checks coverage on every single account to find additional payment opportunities from complex cases, including Medicaid.

Automated Processes

Harness proprietary data sources, historical information, and demographic validation to identify previously unknown coverage.

Maximized Revenue

Scans for consistent insurance coverage to maximize reimbursements and decrease accounts sent to collections and charity.

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Coverage Discovery Benefits

Coverage Discovery gives an edge to support providers and patients. It helps prevent financial hardships and improve payment opportunities by uncovering hidden coverage. Our solutions help you:
  • Find coverage possibilities and give your patients peace of mind.
  • Convert uncompensated care accounts into viable insurance payments missed by others.
  • Streamline processes and improve staff efficiencies with comprehensive, easy-to-interpret information.
  • Access accurate, ready-to-use data, arrive at better decisions, optimize reimbursements.

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