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Customer Success Story

How CoverMe helped a two-hospital health system identify over $700,000 in billing opportunities in a single RetroCheck review.

The Background

The provider treats patients with or without the ability to pay for medical services. They generally lose money every year because of their large uninsured population.
They treat over 125,000 patients per year.
The provider is a not-for-profit health system that employs over 3,000 physicians and staff.
They have one of the largest emergency departments in the state.

The Challenge

The provider had engaged different vendors in all phases of its revenue cycle operation: one vendor checks for health insurance information in the patient access department, another vendor checks in the business office, and finally, a third vendor checks for health insurance prior to the patient account moving
to bad debt.

Repeated checks were not comprehensive enough to find hidden coverages. Billing and collection opportunities were being lost. Compounding the losses were layers of vendors costing the provider both time and money.

The provider wanted to find more coverage - faster and more economically.

The Solution

CoverMe offers a dynamic suite of real-time services designed to discover existing coverages and find new coverage options to support uninsured and underinsured patients. 

With this background, CoverMe proposed a RetroCheck review of nearly 5,141 accounts to uncover potential billable opportunities.

How Does the Coverme Retrocheck Work?

RetroCheck is a comprehensive coverage discovery solution. The program searches for health insurance coverage, uncovering hidden commercial and government payers in the provider’s service area. The platform enables providers to find missing coverage and helps patients discover unknown coverage options.
CoverMe's RetroCheck found a significant number of uninsured patients who actually had health insurance.
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The Results

accounts with active payer sources
in total billed charges
of anticipated reimbursement from a single review.

The Coverme Advantage

CoverMe’s holistic finance marketplace

  • Leverages innovative technology solutions
  • Discovers the right coverage from the right programs for the right patients, in real-time
  • Assesses risk, analyzes eligibility, and gathers critical financial information.

Never miss another coverage opportunity. Discover all hidden revenues and maximize your reimbursements with CoverMe RetroCheck.

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