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Over 30 million Americans are uninsured and the number is climbing.

– Centers for Disease Control



In many hospitals, the rate of bad debt is rising at well over 30% per year.

– January 2018 HFMA



The typical hospital loses 70% of the collectible debt processed by eligibility vendors.

– Healthcare Financial Management Association



More than 40% of insured Americans have high deductible insurance plans and less than 50% can pay the average deductible.

– Becker Hospital Review

23 Million


23 million additional Americans are expected to be uninsured by 2026

– Congressional Budget Office

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CoverMe’s integrated marketplace of insurance, government, financing, and support solutions gives you the power to offer patients the right coverage programs, at the right time, every time.



From healthcare executives to industry observers, here’s what a few folks are saying about us.


“Hospital Presumptive Eligibility dollars are like low-hanging fruit on a tree we just couldn’t reach. CoverMe is our stepladder.”

– Lee McCall
CEO, Neshoba County Hospital

“By using CoverMe’s application process our organization experienced a 47% reduction in bad debt within the first calendar year.”

– Shannon Lucas
Director of Field Accounting, PCPMG

“This analytical program can tease useful lessons out of floods of data in federal health and human services programs.”

– Timothy Clark
Journalist, Government Executive Magazine

Customize Your Marketplace

We’re not just for Medicaid anymore! Any support program your hospital wants to offer can be added to your marketplace.

Check Existing Coverage

Confirm coverage, check out of pocket limits, and seamlessly bridge any payment gap with instant financing options.

Autofill Patient Data

Snap a pic of your patient’s identification, insurance card, even take a selfie – all the data autofills straight to CoverMe.

Helping Patients and Providers

Add Case Notes

Sometimes there’s more to the story. Now you can add it all to the patient’s case file, so no detail is ever missed.

Upload Documents

Now documents can be texted, emailed, or uploaded, sent to CoverMe, and easily attached to the patient’s case.

Track Patient History

No more starting from scratch. If a patient case exists, just update with new information to see new eligibility options.


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